Michael B. Jordan Not Sure If The Friday Night Lights Movie Will Really Happen

By Perri Nemiroff 2012-02-02 21:10:57discussion comments
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Michael B. Jordan Not Sure If The Friday Night Lights Movie Will Really Happen image
When you love a TV show, you know that eventually itís got to come to an end. So, letís say that day comes and the creators wrap it up rather neatly. Yes, itís nice to end on a high note, but itís impossible not to want more-- and that's usually in the form of a movie that the creators themselves hope will happen. That's the situation surrounding plenty of shows, not least among them Friday Night Lights

While chatting Chronicle with the actor who plays Vince Howard, Michael B. Jordon, he discussed whether or not the new Friday Night Lights movie should happen at all. ďI donít know. Itís rough. I think Iím playing devilís advocate; it can go both sides of the fence.Ē Jordan continued, ďThereís so many different takes that you can put on it, but definitely Jason Katims, if heís writing the script, heíll probably do a tasteful job with incorporating the characters that everybody loves and new characters maybe.Ē

While Jordan was certainly willing to discuss the potential of the Friday Night Lights film, he also noted, ďI just donít know how real that movie is, so I canít really talk about it so much.Ē We got a similarly weary reaction from Connie Britton back in December. She noted that Peter Berg was a busy guy, so the movie wouldnít even be able to shoot until the end of next year. No, not a total thumbs down, but then she threw in, ďif it happens at all.Ē

Itís pretty clear that Friday Night Lights the movie wonít be happening anytime soon, but the idea still seems to have some force. Britton also mentioned, ďBut everybody really wants to make it happen,Ē and apparently, everybody includes Jordan. He exclaimed, ďIf they called me up and go, ĎHey man, I need you to play Vince,í Iíll go, ĎOkay, cool. Perfect! When do we shoot?íĒ

Even if that shooting day does come, the big question is, whoíll even be part of it? Without spoiling the show for the folks whoíve yet to finish, itís tough to imagine a plot that could possible bring the seriesí main players back together again beyond the Taylors. In any case, it looks as though weíll have quite a while to mull this one over.
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