Michael Bay Spreading Transformers 3 Disinformation? Twins Spotted On Set

By Josh Tyler 2010-05-12 00:07:24discussion comments
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Michael Bay Spreading Transformers 3 Disinformation? Twins Spotted On Set image
UPDATE! We've talked to Paramount and they've confirmed that the Twins, as rumored below, are not in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. In fact the official word is that the cars pictured below aren't in the movie at all.

Original Story Follows:
Much like Jar Jar Binks we’ll probably never all agree on whether Skids and Mudflap, the Autobot twins introduced in Transformers 2. were actually racist. Besides we let George Lucas get away with it, it seems only fair that Michael Bay should be allowed similarly beneficial doubt. But one thing we can all agree on, as we did with Jar Jar back in 99’, is that Skids and Mudflap were terrible characters. In a generally awful film, racist or not, they were clearly the low point.

So there was plenty of reason to rejoice earlier today when director Michael Bay announced that the Autobot twins wouldn’t appear in Transformers 3. Except you might want to hold off on the cheering. He may have been lying.

The website Left Lane News claims to have been sneaking around the Transformers 3 set and in the process snapped photos like the ones below, of two cars which appear quite clearly to be Skids and Mudflap (assuming these pictures are actually on the set).

Further this blogger claims to have actually seen the Autobot twins zooming around the set. The cars are there, doesn’t that mean the characters are? Or is he keeping the cars but changing their voices? Something doesn’t fit here.

It’s worth noting that during the filming of Transformers 2 Michael Bay deliberately initiated a disinformation campaign to mislead fans about what he’s doing with the movie. That could be what’s going on here which would mean that, despite his statements to the contrary, the gleefully illiterate Twins are back and as controversial as ever.
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