Mirror Mirror Posters Showcase Armie Hammer And Nathan Lane

By Kelly West 2012-02-03 21:36:31discussion comments
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The more we get to see of the upcoming Tarsem Singh directed Snow White reimagining Mirror Mirror, the more it seems humor will play its part in how the story is told. These posters, which showcase two of the filmís male characters, emphasize that in their own ways.

Among the recent previews shown for Mirror Mirror is the international trailer, which gave us a better look at the dwarfs, who manage to get the better of Armie Hammerís character, the prince. Itís Hammer thatís featured in one of the posters below, which the Hollywood Reporter shared today.

Here he is looking especially serious with his hand clutching a sword.

And hereís the other poster, which features the spectacular Nathan Lane...

Army of one for Armie Hammer. Spec-tacular for a spectacle-wearing (or holding) Nathan Lane. As puns are a guilty pleasure of mine, I approve. On a random aside, I really like the way the coloring brings out their eyes in both images.

Mirror Mirror arrives in theaters on March 30th. More information, photos and videos for the movie can be found in our Blend Film Database.
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