Mo'Nique Explains Her Oscar Politics Comments

By Josh Tyler 2010-03-07 23:04:03discussion comments
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Mo'Nique Explains Her Oscar Politics Comments image
If you were part of our Oscar live chat tonight (and if you weren’t, you missed something pretty special), then you know that one of the biggest questions on just about everyone’s mind was: What the hell is Mo’nique talking about. She appeared calm and dignified, but made a few vague, angry references to her Best Supporting Actress being a victory over politics. Huh?

Apparently backstage Mo’nique clarified things. MTV says she explained it this way, “Through this journey and process, some journalists and some reporters wrote, 'Somebody needs to teach Mo'Nique a lesson; someone needs to teach her how the game is played.” Apparently she’s referring to the practice of nominees campaigning to win their Oscar. But she claims she didn’t, and says “I am proud to hold this Oscar in my hand, because the Academy said, 'We are not willing to play the game.”
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