The Moth Diaries Trailer Sets Up Gothic Scares At All-Girls Boarding School

By Sean O'Connell 2012-02-26 13:55:06discussion comments
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Mary Harronís The Moth Diaries has been on our radar for some time now, probably since we first reported Scott Speedman and Lily Coleís involvement in September 2010. Well, the horror-thriller Ė an adaptation of Rachel Kleinís novel Ė has a release date (April 20) and a trailer, which weíre sharing below courtesy of Yahoo Movies:

Gothic horrors in an all-girl boarding school? Speedman as a brainy instructor? Cole and The Tudors beauty Sarah Bolger as sexually provocative schoolgirls trading supernatural secrets? Yeah, this canít get here soon enough, particularly once it starts selling Coleís character, Ernessa, as a lusty, Single White vampire plucking off coeds one by one.

ďDo you believe in the supernatural?Ē the clip asks. And I might, so long as Harronís able to get under our skins here the way she turned the screws in American Psycho. The gifted director has been honing her skills in television, directing episodes of Big Love, The Nine and The L Word. Which is fine, but sheís long overdue for a feature film project that taps into her talent. Hopefully itís Moth Diaries. And if it isnít, hopefully Moth Diaries at least reminds studios that thereís a capable storyteller out here waiting for the right project, so keep giving her chances.

The Moth Diaries co-stars Anne Day-Jones, Sarah Gadon, and Valerie Tian. IFC Films will have it in theaters on April 20. Does this trailer help sell it? Let us know below.
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