Must-See Batman Video Relives The Entire Dark Knight Trilogy

By Sean O'Connell 2013-09-24 13:46:00discussion comments
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Weíve been spending an unusual amount of time celebrating the achievements of Christopher Nolanís Dark Knight trilogy, triggered by the release of Warner Bros.í comprehensive Ultimate Collectorís Edition. Weíve seen Anne Hathaway pose for pre-production shots in the skin-tight Catwoman suit, and Christian Bale growling lines of dialogue wearing Val Kilmerís Bat suit. (Yes, thatís eventual Lois Lane Amy Adams reading opposite her The Fighter co-star in this clip. DC Comics synergy!)

But the 10-minute retrospective at the top of this post best gets to the heart of the Batman trilogy, of Nolanís unique, shadowy world. It starts at dual points Ė with Bruce Wayne (Bale) training in global prisons AND with young Bruce witnessing his parentsí murder in a Gotham alley. And thatís appropriate, as both moments led to the birth of the Caped Crusader, which Nolan so expertly conveyed in Batman Begins (still my choice for the best film in the trilogy).

This differs from the other behind-the-scenes clips weíve been enjoying leading up to the setís release because there is no insight from Nolan, his cast or his crew. Itís simply an expertly edited compilation of the finest scenes from the trilogy. Call it the Dark Knight Super Cut, a refresher course on everything that Nolan covered as well as an inspiration to go back to each film and absorb them in their entirety.

Itís also just fun to watch this clip and see the evolution of Baleís Bat-voice. Itís practically prepubescent in Begins.

At least itís better than Baneís ridiculous voice:

Now itís time to say goodbye to Nolanís vision of the Dark Knight Ö and turn our attention to Ben Affleckís portrayal of the timeless hero. Yay?
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