There's still a lot of explaining to do about Green Lantern. I don't really mean that as a bad thing-- star Ryan Reynolds and director Martin Campbell don't have anything to apologize for yet at least, and the existence of another superhero movie in this crowded summer seems a lot more welcome now that Thor and X-Men: First Class have both turned out to be pretty good. I'm talking about explaining the basics, the whole business with the lantern and the ring and oath-- while Green Lantern the movie may not be all that complicated, the back story of the character and the entire space alien Green Lantern Corps he's a part of is still confusing for me at least, and I've been following this film's development for over a year now.

Lucky for me there seem to be a lot more of us who are confused, and Warner Bros. is reaching out to us, with the somewhat icky help of corporate partner Subway. The sandwich chain posted a featurette on their Facebook page in which Reynolds, Campbell and a handful of other people describe a lot of those very plot details I'm still confused about. There's also behind-the-scenes footage and a few glimpses of new scenes from the film-- all the usual stuff that even the Green Lantern experts can enjoy seeing. Check out the video below. Green Lantern opens June 17.



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