Noam Murro Could Ditch Die Hard 5 To Focus On The 300 Prequel

By Will LeBlanc 2011-08-01 11:21:38discussion comments
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Noam Murro Could Ditch Die Hard 5 To Focus On The 300 Prequel image
Director Noam Murro may have found himself in kind of a pickle as he makes his way up the blockbuster ranks. Since taking the reins of the 300 prequel Xerxes: Battle of Artemisia in mid-July, that production has apparently taken over his life and left him him no time to tackle the other high-profile sequel heís supposed to be directing, Die Hard 5.

The news comes from Twitch, which is reporting that Murro will in fact be stepping down from Die Hard to focus on his other film. Rumors about a fifth Die Hard surfaced quickly after the fourth film hit theaters in 2007, and then after John McClane himself, Bruce Willis said it was "imminent" in an interview last summer, and that filming would likely start this year. Murro was officially hired in February, but losing him could potentially throw a wrench in those big plans.

Next in line to direct is John Moore, who reportedly has been told the job is his if he wants it. The director has a resume full of fluffy action pieces like Behind Enemy Lines and Flight of the Phoenix so doing another Die Hard film will be right in his wheelhouse. The only problem is that, if youíre like me, you'd rather everyone else follow Murro's example and leave the project alone.

We need another Die Hard movie like we need a Battleship movie: We donít. Now donít get me wrong, Die Hard is one of the best action franchises in history and Iíd love to see Bruce Willis back in action, but Iím not interested in seeing another one with a PG-13 rating like Live Free or Die Hard. Unless they can return to the roots of John McClane, they shouldnít return to him at all.
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