Paul Greengrass' Memphis Picked Up By Universal

By Mack Rawden 2011-02-23 16:05:10discussion comments
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Paul Greengrass' Memphis Picked Up By Universal image
Itís been a little over a month since we heard any news on Memphis, and with director Paul Greengrassí track record of habitual project hopping, many speculated that the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. picture could be dead. Not so. Itís back with a renewed vengeance thanks to involvement from Universal. The studio has decided to fund the project, and mega-producer Scott Rudin, the man behind The Social Network and True Grit, has confirmed the speculation and officially boarded.

According to Deadline, the project will get rolling in June, speeding ahead of two similar themed projects from both the independent Selma and Dreamworksí offering that was the favored choice of the family. Itís not surprising the Kingís would have preferred one of the other pictures. Greengrassí take, researched from his own time working as a reporter, supposedly includes intimate details on the Reverendís faltering marriage and balls to the wall boozing. Thatís not the memory most of us want to take away from Dr. Kingís life, but the facts are the facts. Expect a scandal.

With Greengrass out of the Bourne series, he has the perfect opportunity with this project to build on United 93ís Oscar nomination. The subject matter is there, but it remains to be seen whether he can put together an honest biopic worthy of the Civil Rightsí leader.
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