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By Eric Eisenberg 2012-04-06 15:55:36discussion comments
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It's interesting: as of the time of this posting, On The Road, the Walter Sallas-directed adaptation of Jack Kerouac's novel, does not have either a distributor or a release date. But that's not slowing them down in the marketing department. Since the trailer premiered in early March and the official Facebook page was made, we have seen a constant stream of images and posters (including those for individual characters). It's still a mystery as to when we will see the finished product of On The Road, but for now perhaps you can just print out the stills that have just been released and create a flipbook.

Sallas' film has created an official website that has a flash gallery filled with brand new pictures from the both the project itself and behind the scenes. You can see three of the images below, but head over to our database to see all of them (click on each image to see it in high res.

The story follows Sal Paradise (Sam Riley), a young aspiring writer who, following the death of his father, meets Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund), a wild-at-heart ex-con. After becoming fast friends they make the decision to drive across the country and escape the ordinary lives that would otherwise await them. The film has a stellar supporting cast that includes Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Tom Sturridge, Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams, Alica Braga, Steve Buscemi, Danny Morgan, Elizabeth Moss, and Terrence Howard.
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