Saw VI Director Hired To Make Paranormal Activity 2

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-01-18 22:14:30discussion comments
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Saw VI Director Hired To Make Paranormal Activity 2 image
The demon of Paranormal Activity and Jigsaw of the Saw series are joining forces to scare the crap out of you this Halloween. Well, not literally, but THR reports that Paramount has hired Saw VIís Kevin Greutert to direct Paranormal Activity 2. Ironically, itís set to hit theaters during the coveted pre-Halloween weekend, the weekend dominated by a Saw film for the past five years. In 2009, Paranormal dethroned Saw with $22 million compared to Saw VIís measly $14.8 million.

The studio hired TV writer Michael R. Perry to pen the script. Donít worry, the original mastermind, Oren Peli, isnít out of the loop. Heíll be reuniting with Jason Blum, to co-produce the sequel.

Now that itís happening, the big question is, can the little film that could do it again? The initial hype could send horror fans running to the theater opening weekend, but high expectations might be a long term killer. Thereís also the chance that Paranormal Activity 2 could be ambushed by leftover backlash from the original film. Considering the studioís plan to drop $1 million a year on 10-20 similarly styled mini-budget films and its commitment to release Peliís Area 51, Paramount has a lot riding on this film.

Weíll be able to better judge the PA2ís potential once details about the plot emerge. At the moment, the filmmakers are tightlipped about the storyline as well as the filmís real title. With an October 22nd release date, we wonít have much longer to wait for that information, let alone the film in its entirety.
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