Simon Pegg Joining Monty Python Members For Absolutely Anything

By Nick Venable 2013-12-14 03:33:41discussion comments
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Writing about movies all the time, it only makes sense to keep an eye out for news that really hits me where I like it, and my eyes and ears were apparently on vacation recently. Otherwise, I might have noticed and gotten ecstatic over Bill & Ben Productions’ recent announcement that comedy superstar Simon Pegg has signed on to join most of the members of Monty Python for the animated sci-fi comedy Absolutely Anything. If this were audible instead of written, you would have noticed that my voice was excitedly shrill enough to turn glass back into sand.

While talk of the Terry Jones-directed Absolutely Anything has been going around for a while now, this news closely follows the announcement of a reunion stage show, and I’m guessing the troupe figured since they’d be working together for so long anyway, they might as well try to bring in Pegg, who has worked with Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright to develop an entirely new generation of uniquely British comedy. As reported by Screen Daily, he said of the announcement, "Meeting your heroes is one thing. Working with them is something else."

In the film, written by Gavin Scott, Pegg will voice Neil Clarke, a school teacher who is down in the dumps until he realizes he has developed special powers given to him by a set of aliens, who will be voiced Python members Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Michael Palin and Jones. None other than Robin Williams will play Clarke’s loyal mutt, and further casting is currently being worked out. There was talk of Pegg’s Star Trek Into Darkness co-star Benedict Cumberbatch being sought out, but I guess nothing became of that.

Since he probably won’t be busy with Wright’s upcoming Marvel flick Ant-Man, Pegg can definitely fit in time for some animation voicework to go with his other upcoming projects. He’ll star in Kriv Stenders’ dark Australian thriller Kill Me Three Times and Peter Chelsom’s drama Hector and the Search for Happiness before popping back into comedy for Ben Palmer’s rom-com Man Up and the Laika stop-motion animation The Boxtrolls. And while you’re waiting on all that, feel free to polish off a couple of pints while rewatching this year’s funniest comedy, The World’s End.

Pre-production on Absolutely Anything will kick off in February, and shooting will begin the following month, with a scheduled release sometime in 2015. If it were a live-action film, there’s a chance might top my favorite Pegg performance, as seen below of the greatest fake gun fight in history. But I’m sure anything Jones gives us will come close.

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