Sofia Vegara Plays The Victim In Remake Of Burt Reynolds' 1986 Crime Drama Heat

By Nick Venable 2013-03-07 18:28:57discussion comments
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Sofia Vegara Plays The Victim In Remake Of Burt Reynolds' 1986 Crime Drama Heat image
Of all of Modern FamilyĎs supremely talented cast, Sofia Vergara is the one most likely to turn it into a major Hollywood career. Beyond her voice-over work in Happy Feet Two and appearance in the Smurfs movies, she lent a modicum of sanity to The Three Stooges, is working with Woody Allen in John Turturroís Fading Gigolo and will hopefully rip some shit apart with her bra machine gun for Robert Rodriguezís Machete Kills. It didnít take long for her to find another action romp - one that has a couple of stooges already attached to it.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned Vergara is in negotiations to appear opposite Jason Statham for the Simon West-helmed remake of the 1986 Burt Reynolds film Heat. Notice how that was worded to avoid all confusion with Michael Mannís 1995 crime epic - though it would be interesting to see Vergara and Al Pacino try to out-dialect one another.

Vergara will play a Las Vegas woman who falls victim to a mob attack, and Statham will play a recovering gambler working as a bodyguard who decides to avenge her beating before realizing heís already gotten himself in too deep. The chemistry between the two isnít immediately obvious, but it might help that Statham wonít be the unstoppable action hero man through the entire film. Given Westís penchant for all things masculine in films like Con Air and The Expendables 2, however, that might be a misguided assumption.

The filmís screenplay was adapted by William Goldman from his own novel of the same name, and heís also responsible for the script for Dick Richardís original adaptation. Hereís hoping the second timeís the charm. Letís just be grateful nobody is trying to remake Goldmanís greatest contribution to the world, The Princess Bride.
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