Sundance Video Review: Life In A Day Is Way More Than The YouTube Movie

By Katey Rich 2011-01-26 11:35:06discussion comments
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Sundance Video Review: Life In A Day Is Way More Than The YouTube Movie image
There are so many cracks to be made about a YouTube movie, and believe me, most of them were made within minutes of the Sundance press & industry screening of Life in a Day-- "It's YouTube-isquatsi." "Not enough keyboard cat." But all the jokes were probably just a cover for critics who secretly shed a tear or two in the omnibus project put together by director Kevin MacDonald, and complied from user-submitted footage shot all over the world on a single day, July 24, 2010.

The result is so, so much better than what you might expect from a collection of YouTube movies, both because they clearly sought out excellent photographers to capture their surroundings, but because the mundanity of all these everyday experiences start to feel tremendous on a global scale. In a lot of ways the film hits some easy targets-- a mom with cancer talking to her son, a teenage boy shaving for the first time-- but around very corner there's something new and surprising. It's also just an easy watch, no small thing when you're nearing the second half of a long festival like Sundance.

I saw the movie with various other press friends yesterday, and at the start of another screening I collared Jordan Raup of The Film Stage (follow him on Twitter here) to talk about Life in a Day. We were filming from our seats in the Eccles Theater, the largest venue at Sundance and home to all the most high-profile premieres here; get a look at where the magic happens and our thoughts on the movie in the video below.

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