Swine Flu Takes Out Mexican Mr. Spock

By Josh Tyler 2009-04-28 23:51:48discussion comments
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Swine Flu Takes Out Mexican Mr. Spock image
The Swine Flu has claimed another victim. Variety reports that Paramount has followed Foxís lead, when they cancelled the premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Mexico City this week, by canceling the May 8th of their first big summer tentpole, Star Trek.

Unlike everywhere else, where thereís panic without any real reason, the Swine Flu actually has hit Mexico pretty hard. Itís caused around 159 deaths there so far, though word is that things are already stabilizing. There the problem is mostly that people in Mexico canít afford healthcare, and so when they get sick they donít go to the doctor. Forget the swine flu, any flu outbreak there is likely to result in deaths. Still, in response, the Mexican government has asked to close theaters, and so it makes sense to postpone the planned release of big movies.

Right now thereís no word of any plan to do this in the United States, though if the American media keeps trying to drum up panic, who knows. Seriously people chill out. Youíre gonna be fine. Go out this weekend, enjoy Wolverine, and leave your stupid surgical masks at home.
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