Teen Wolf Remake Still Happening, But You Can Ignore It

By Josh Tyler 2010-02-02 00:28:20discussion comments
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Teen Wolf Remake Still Happening, But You Can Ignore It image
Hey, remember that Teen Wolf remake we told you about? Still happening, but donít worry. ShockTillYouDrop has the scoop on the people involved with the project and the names are all so ridiculously minor that itís hard to imagine this as anything other than a lame, direct-to-DVD cash ins. And as we all know, much like out of town sex, direct-to-DVD doesnít count.

In fact the biggest name involved is the filmís newly hired director Russell Mulcahy. One upon a time Mulcahy made good movies. Well, he made a good movie. It was called Highlander. Then he made Highlander II and itís all been downhill. He got another shot at the title in 2007 when he directed Resident Evil: Extinction but since then itís been right back to the straight to DVD shelf for his films. With Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed and Dylan O'Brien set to star in his Teen Wolf remake, it seems unlikely that this project will fare any better. Iím predicting Blockbuster bottom shelf hell.
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