The Biggest Movie Mistakes Of 2010

By Will LeBlanc 2010-12-13 17:07:39discussion comments
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The Biggest Movie Mistakes Of 2010 image
We all have our favorite films that we値l defend endlessly as perfect pieces of cinema history devoid of any mistakes or inconsistencies. I知 sorry to inform you of this, but despite the seemingly countless dollars that it takes to make some of your favorite movies, nothing is perfect. There are simply too many moving parts for everything to go right at every possible moment, even in films that are computer animated. has kindly compiled an exhaustive list of the errors that have befallen film this past year of 2010 and they are many. They致e done the duty of selecting the most egregious mistakes thereby giving us a reason to go watch Prince of Persia or Twilight: Eclipse again, when regularly we definitely would not. Topping the list of offenders is Scorsese痴 Shutter Island, unable to hide a pad used to cushion DiCaprio痴 leap over a fence. Followed then by Alice in Wonderland, Twilight, and even Toy Story 3, the list proves that nothing Hollywood does can be called perfection.

For good fun, go back through their archives and check out movies like Terminator 2 or Pirates of the Caribbean. You値l be surprised what you値l find.
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