The Killer Elite Rocks A New Trailer Like A Hurricane

By Josh Tyler 2011-08-03 12:16:43discussion comments
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Technically The Killer Elite is based on a true story, but the movieís trailers suggest that writer/director Gary McKendry isnít going to let that get in the way of making a completely kick-ass action movie. Unless you think people can actually do spinning martial arts flips while tied to a chair? Probably not, but I sure as hell want to see more of that in this film.

The Killer Elite has a new trailer and itís the most head-punching look weíve had at this movie yet. It stars Jason Statham as a ex-special ops agent brought out of retirement to help his mentor, played by Robert DeNiro, take down three assassins lead by a mustachioed Clive Owen. This trailer will rock you like a hurricane.

The cast is great, the action looks far better directed than the average dreck youíre likely to see in any other September release. The Killer Elite looks fun. Could it be this yearís Expendables? Maybe thatís asking too much, but Iím in for whatever itís bringing to the table, clichť rock anthems and all.
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