Trailer For Cat Run Looks Like Five Different Movies

By Will LeBlanc 2011-03-05 09:53:28discussion comments
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Trailer For Cat Run Looks Like Five Different Movies image
If anyone is getting impatient waiting for Pirates 4 to satisfy their Penelope Cruz urges, Paz Vega might be able to hold you over and the release date of her next movie, Cat Run, is right around the corner.

Vega stars as an escort, a high class escort obviously, who steals a security camera hard drive from a client and goes on the run with evidence of some sort of scandal. She meets two quirky private investigators whom she hires to protect her from baddie Christopher McDonald, eternally known as Shooter McGavin to my generation, and an assassin on his payroll.

The trailer has to be misleading. At first itís serious, then itís funny, then itís a heist movie, then itís serious again, and at the end itís funny. Ultimately it seems like itís going to be a pretty fun movie, but the trailer is a little out of sorts. Check it out for yourself below or in glorious HD over at Apple.

Cat Run hits theaters April 1st.
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