Video Explains Everything Wrong With Superman Returns In Just Under Six Minutes

By Nick Venable 2013-06-06 05:21:29discussion comments
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Given how often we like to pick movies apart here at Cinema Blend, itís a wonder we havenít fully embraced the YouTube series CinemaSins, who fully embrace picking movies apart, only they do it in visual form, with subtitles. Cinema Blend doesnít need subtitles.

Nobody reading this article is ignorant of the upcoming release of Zack Snyderís Man of Steel, and what better way to celebrate that fact than to poke fun at everything that was wrong with Bryan Singerís 2006 one-off reboot/sequel Superman Returns. And try not to poke fun at Cinema Blendís Jor-El for giving this movie a five star review, as this sentence does the job for you.

The more videos CinemaSins makes, the farther they go with the comedic elements, but they kind of go overboard here with editorial commentaries about things happening, but they comments made are on point, so weíll allow it. I mean, itís inane to call DC a sin, unless itís a douche reference to films previous to Christopher Nolanís Batman Begins, but thatís not implied. Iíve just given CinemaSins a taste of their own medicine.

I honestly havenít watched Superman Returns since my theatrical experience with the film, because I wanted to retain the essence of liking the movie for its ambition without wanting to go ballistic over the ridiculous plot devices that are unrealistic even within a film about Superman. And I got to relive all of it within this video. Every last Pulitzer Prize-winning, newspaper date-specifying Kryptonite continent-lifting piece of buffoonery. Though I probably wouldn't have paid attention to the Scrabble tiles until my fourth viewing at least. It doesnít really take 6 minutes to point out the filmís errors, but weíre no less informed for it. Power to these guys for pointing out their own hatemail, and for teaming up with Honest Trailers for another fun moment.

Because they mentioned Prometheus twice during the video, check out that filmís sins below.

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