Video Interview: Limitless Writer-Producer Leslie Dixon

By Perri Nemiroff 2011-03-14 17:58:39discussion comments
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Video Interview: Limitless Writer-Producer Leslie Dixon image
Writer Leslie Dixon has had a hand in quite a few prominent films from Overboard to Look Whoís Talking Now to Freaky Friday. See a trend? The majority of Dixonís work falls within the comedy genre. So whatís she doing penning a thriller? Limitless is actually the result of a spontaneous trip to the bookstore.

Limitless is based on the book The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn. The film stars Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra, a down and out writer who happens upon an illegal miracle drug called NZT. He pops one pill and unlocks portions of his brain the average humanís incapable of accessing, giving him the ability to absorb information at an incredible rate and recall memories dating back to being in his motherís womb. Like most drugs, NZT has its risks; itís highly addictive and should you stop taking it, youíll certainly become ill and likely die. Not only must Eddie maintain his NZT supply, but fight off a jealous loan shark, maintain his new high-profile Wall Street image and do whatever it takes to hold onto his girlfriend (Abbie Cornish), too.

Based on her extensive repertoire, itís quite obvious Dixon is a natural storyteller, but that ability isnít limited to writing screenplays; Dixon is packed with fun anecdotes about making Limitless. Hear about everything from Dixonís tactics for acquiring the rights to the book to developing the filmís tensest moments to her plans for the future in the video interview below.

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