Watch 8 Haunting Minutes From Let Me In

By Josh Tyler 2010-09-13 22:49:42discussion comments
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In the wake of the movieís debut at the Toronto Film Festival, the people behind Let Me In are keen to show off as much of their movie as possible. Earlier today we unleashed a brand new batch of images from the film and now we have more than eight minutes of footage to show you. Itís all beautifully shot by director Matt Reeves but if youíve seen the Swedish version of this story, Let the Right One In, itís hard not to notice that there arenít many differences.

The eight clips below will seem hauntingly similar to anyone whoís seen the original movie. How much has Reeves really made this movie his own? His version is set in 1980s Los Alamos New Mexico, but these clips seem all but identical from a storytelling perspective to the same scenes in the other movie, with a couple of notable exceptions. The big differences are in the sharply defined way heís shot them. Whether youíve seen the original movie or not theyíre worth a look. Scroll down and Iíll try to walk you through all eight minutes, one clip at a time.
You know what never really works when dealing with bullies? Ignoring them. Chloe Moretz, as Abby, offers Kodi Smit-McPhee, as Owen, a different solution for handling his bully problem.

Hey I wonder why this little girl never eats anything? I wonder whatíll happen if she tries?

Real kids donít get sick when they eat delicious, free, candy. Well not unless they eat a lot of it. She hasnít eaten a lot of itÖ

After watching his new friend barf up perfectly good candy, Owen starts to wonder if maybe thereís something afoot. So he calls his dad for advice. His dad, on the other hand, isnít listening when his son starts to question him seriously about the nature of true evilÖ

Owen visits his friendís apartment and asks her straight out the questions thatís have been bothering him. Is she a vampire? Is she really 12?

Hereís our first introduction to Abbyís Father, played by Richard Jenkins. Heís going out, because he has no choice, and worries about who sheíll see while heís gone.

This is my favorite clip of the bunch, and itís also the only one thatís a complete departure from anything seen in the original, Swedish movie Let the Right One In. We showed it to you, by itself, out of context last week. Now here it is in context of the other clips. In the previous clip, The Father, told Abby he was going out. Hereís what he went out to do.

If youíve seen Let the Right One In then you know who it is that this detective is interrogating, if you havenít, Iím not going to tell you. Suffice to say heís investigating a string of grizzly murders. And since you know this movieís about a little girl vampire, you can guess why those murders have been committed. A girlís gotta eat.

Let Me In arrives in theaters Octobers 1st. For more images and info visit our preview page right here or check out Kateyís Toronto Film Fest review.
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