This Week In Home Entertainment: Riddick, Pride And Prejudice, Carrie And More

By Jessica Rawden 2014-01-14 18:05:53discussion comments
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Riddick Blu-ray
The newest Vin Diesel vehicle, Riddick, spends its first act brooding. Our titular hero is stuck on a planet, abandoned by a group of people who were meant to be allies. Itís a world full of monsters, and fans of the science fiction franchise might relish Riddick taking on some aliens with claws and fangs. For the rest of us, Riddick offers a long trek through a barren landscape with naught but a dog for company. That is, until the bounty hunters show up.

Riddick is the third film of its ilk, following the 2000 film Pitch Black and 2004ís Chronicles of Riddick. The latter film left him as a head of the necromancers, a leadership role that clearly didnít align with the characterís loner attitude and survivalist instincts. Thus, itís fitting that Riddick picks up five years after the character found himself a part of the necromancer population. Heís struck a deal that didnít end well, and he very well could pay dearly for it.

An arid planet and a man of few words hardly make for the most exciting setup, and unfortunately director David Twohyís latest doesnít get really exciting until rather late in the game, when a crew of monsters begin to awaken from the dust. Leading into this, we do get to meet a couple of crews of bounty hunters, played by Katee Sackhoff, Matthew Nable, Jordi Molla, Dave Batista and others. This brings out Riddickís signature graphic behavior as well as a few moments that are even comedic. If the film could have sped up its opening setup, no doubt, it would be a much tighter flick.

As a whole, Riddick is an R-rated romp that doesnít hold back on language or vulgarity, but it does still retain the sensibilities of the older films. With a Blu-ray purchase, fans can catch even more of these sensibilities with the unrated version of the film. While new viewers may not be particularly interested in this release, itís a satisfying enough sequel for fans that comes in a set offering plenty of behind-the-scenes footage and other extras. More on that, below.

You can order Riddick over at Amazon.

Best Special Feature: You can tell how focused and excited the cast and crew were during the making of the film if you give the bonus features a shot. A lot of the extras are lengthy, and give plenty of information, as well. The segment about the technology in the film is interesting, but the "World of Riddick" is probably the best extra on the disc, taking you behind-the-scenes during the building of the set, but also spending time with director David Twohyís vision. Thereís a lot of VFX, and the look of the film is discussed, as well.

Other Special Features:
Unrated Version
"The Twohy Touch"
"Riddickian Tech"
"Vinís Riddick"
"Meet the Mercs"
"The World of Riddick"
"Riddick: Blindsided"
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