Film Flashback: Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day!

By Josh Tyler 2007-09-19 03:28:14discussion comments
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Film Flashback: Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day! image
Holidays have never been my thing. I have no interest in Christmas, I refuse to wear pilgrim hats at Thanksgiving, if ever meet Cupid I’ll probably punch him in the nuts. But there’s one holiday every year that gets my full attention and avast me hearties, as it happens yer standin right in the middle of it.

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, or ITLAPD for short. Ever since 1995 people all over the world have gotten together yearly on this day, September 19th, to greet one another with an “Ahoy me hearty!”, sing sea shanties, and shout ARRRRRR! at one another. But we’re a movie site, so ITLAPD also means it’s a great time for pirate movies, and what better way to celebrate a ridiculously silly holiday like ITLAPD than with a little help from the Muppets.


Before any good pirate sets sail, he... um... does role call. Take it away Kermit! -

Alright, you scurvy dogs. Now that we’re all here, and feeling piraty, how about an introductory sea shanty? Shiver my timbers!

Arrrrrr! Good one lads. Ahoy there! Show em you’ve really been practicing! Tell us what pirating is all about! Be ye real and dastardly professional pirates?

Avast! Well done matey. And after a hard day of professional pirating, what more do ye need than a bit o’ relaxation? Lift a noggin of rum and get ready fer the big finish. Who among ye has Cabin Fever?

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