Norton Repenned Penn's Hulk Script

By Rafe Telsch 2007-07-29 09:00:15discussion comments
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Norton Repenned Penn's Hulk Script image
You canít help but feel bad for Eric Banaís disastrous turn with The Hulk. Ang Leeís attempt at a comic book movie ticked a lot of people off, and Banaís lucky it didnít affect his career more, which would have been unfair. After all, heís just an actor. He shows up and reads lines someone else wrote while another person films it with a camera.

The new Bruce Banner/Hulk, Edward Norton, is making his not-a-sequel, The Incredible Hulk a little more of a vested interest. According to news revealed at Comic Con, while Zak Penn (the X-Men films) had turned in several drafts of the script, Norton wrote the final screenplay to be used, and is continuing to tweak the screenplay as filming continues.

The news came from Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige (reported by Rope of Silicon) who said nothing was wrong with Pennís drafts, but that more story ideas had come up that the studio liked, so they decided to let Norton have a go at the script.

The notion that Norton wrote the script definitely gives the actor a little more responsibility for the final project. Itís a risky move from Marvel though. Norton has done some uncredited rewrites, but has very little actual writing credit under his belt. Zak Penn, on the other hand, is a proven commodity, although he did pen Elektra and X-Men: The Last Stand since his X2 success, so perhaps having someone else give the script a once over isnít a terrible idea.
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