Cillian Murphy And Lucy Liu Get Dangerous

By Ed Perkis 2007-09-30 13:07:49discussion comments
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Cillian Murphy And Lucy Liu Get Dangerous image
A movie starring the interesting pairing of Cillian Murphy and Lucy Liu has found a distributor. Watching the Detctives will be released in early 2008 by Peace Arch Entertainment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This will be Peace Archís second release as a distributor and it hopes to have about six movies out over the next year. Good luck to them!

Watching the Detectives features Murphy as one of those video store nerds who lives vicariously through watching movies. A real life mysterious beauty, Lucy Liu, leads him on a serious of dangerous adventures and his life starts to look like the film noir flicks he loves. It was written and directed by Paul Soter who was involved in Broken Lizardís movies. It premeired at the Tribeca Film Festival and, based on the stars, distributor, and subject matter, will have a short run in art house theaters before hopefully gaining an audience on DVD.
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