Silver Surfer Won't Be CGI?

By Josh Tyler 2006-09-14 00:00:00discussion comments
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When we heard Tim Story would make the Silver Surfer the focus of his next Fantastic Four movie, I think everyone assumed he'd be a completely computer generated character. After all, he's basically the T-1000 on a surf board, and the technology to make that look good in CGI was perfected more than a decade ago. AICN says that may not be so.

This morning they're running a story from a scooper which says that taking a page from what they did in the last Fantastic Four movie with The Thing, Silver Surfer will actually be a man in a suit. They're spray-painting a body suit chrome, sticking a fixed expression on it, and stuffing Dough Jones inside it.

While this worked surprisingly well for The Thing, I can't see any way this won't look stupid for The Silver Surfer. How will they smooth out the wrinkles that will appear around the joints? How the hell is this not going to look stupid? AICN's scooper compares it to a Power Ranger costume and that's really what it sounds like to me. It's rare that I'm actually annoyed when something isn't done in CGI, but this is one of those rare times. If there was ever a place to use a computer generated character in a live action film, this is absolutely it.

The good news here is that right now this is just a crazy rumor. It maybe a load of crap, and in fact it's so unbelievable I'm inclined to believe it's exactly that. Even Tim Story isn't this stupid.
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