Ron Howard Goes To Gotham

By Josh Tyler 2007-07-18 03:51:22discussion comments
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Ron Howard will soon apply his unique brand of warm ní fuzzy to New York snobs. Variety says heís signed on to direct a movie based on a novel called The Emperorís Children. Except when Variety describes it they call New York Gotham, because thatís what you do when youíre a pretentious dick, or youíre Batman. Very appropriate. Well done Variety.

The plot sounds like a mid-life crisis flick for the incredibly wealthy. Itís set in 2001 (Why I have no idea, why not just set it in present day?) and follows thirtyósomething Ivy League grads as they whine about being rich and er, in their thirties. I havenít read the book but thatís enough information for me to declare this project just awful. I didnít like ďThe Great GatsbyĒ when it was full of flappers and I doubt Iíll like it any better if someone does a modern version full of whiny yuppies.

Ron Howard should be directing boxing movies or movies about men trapped in space capsules with only each other to provide comfort. Or, put those two ideas together and make some sort of prison movie. Ron Howard should stick with the common man, he doesnít belong with a bunch of east coast, elitist snobs. I prefer to think of him as directing all of his movies in Mayberry, with Andy Griffith as his 2nd AD and the ghost of Don Knotts handling catering.
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