Statham Gets A Death Race Navigator

By Rafe Telsch 2007-08-22 20:53:34discussion comments
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Statham Gets A Death Race Navigator image
The remake of Death Race is certainly heating up, as Jason Statham gets a copilot for his road race of destruction. Actually, with the remake putting the “Death Race” as an arena event, I’m not sure the term “road race” really applies, but we’ll use it anyway; everyone else is.

Jennifer Lopez underwear/clothing model Natalie Martinez is in talks to play Case, a prisoner who is assigned to be the navigator for Jason Statham’s character in the big race. Unless you’re big into the J Lo clothing scene, you probably haven’t seen Martinez in anything, although she’s appeared in a couple of MyNetworkTV’s offerings. Actually, considering she’s a model, even if you have seen her in J Lo’s clothing you probably haven’t seen her in anything.

I’d love to make a comment about how this movie sucks so badly that all it can get are models for J Lo’s obscure clothing line, but with Ian McShane, Joan Allen, and (also a former model) Tyrese Gibson, the talent isn’t exactly questionable. If nothing else Martinez will provide a pretty face to show on screen with Statham, which, frankly, isn’t a bad move by director Paul W.S. Anderson. And who knows, she might be good. It’s not like we’re going to see Death Race for dramatic acting anyway.
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