Saw Footage Comic-Con Wouldn't Show

By Rafe Telsch 2007-09-17 20:36:34discussion comments
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Saw Footage Comic-Con Wouldn't Show image
Comic-Con attendees got to see quite a few wondrous things this year, but there’s one thing they didn’t get to see. Rumor has it that a promo for the upcoming Saw IV didn’t make it into the lineup at Comic-Con. Now known as “the banned trailer,” the clip shows the setup for this year’s Saw sequel, including a graphic autopsy sequel of the series antagonist, Jigsaw.

How do we know? Because, as with all good things these days, the banned trailer has made its way online. Now you too can see what those at Comic-Con didn’t get to see. Make sure your stomach is sound though, because brains and stomach being removed from Jigsaw’s corpse is only the beginning…

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