See The Comic Con Indy 4 Presentation

By Rafe Telsch 2007-07-29 08:33:51discussion comments
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Too poor or too busy to go to San Diego this year for Comic Con? Join the crowd. While everyoneís done their best to bring all the news out there, thereís just no replacing the feel of finding out some of this news on site, watching John Favreau walk out unexpectedly from behind a curtain or hearing J.J. Abrams hint at an upcoming project.

One of the biggest panels this year was the one for Indiana Jones, where Stephen Spielberg appeared via remote satellite and announced Karen Allenís involvement in the fourth movie. Now, thanks to the magic of G4ís camera work and YouTube, you can feel like you were there, as the Spielberg presentation has arrived online.

Remember to go for the authentic recreation here Ė invite all of your friends and lots of strangers over before you watch this. Give some of them bizarre costumes and make sure half of them donít bathe. Then project this up on a large screen, turn up the sound, and itíll be like you were in San Diego at that exact moment.

Or just click play below and enjoy the clip in the sanctity of your own home. After all, there is a reason you didnít go to San Diego. Who needs to recreate it.

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