Hasselhoff Champions Talking Cars

By Joshua Tyler 2005-06-03 00:00:00discussion comments
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There’s more than one reason David Hasselhoff won this year’s Flaming Hobbit Spirit Award. One is that he’s a terrible actor, another is that he’s pretty cool. Apparently, he’s also got a lot of integrity.

The Hasselhoff (who is beloved by Germans) has been talking for years now about trying to put together a Knight Rider movie. At one point it seemed like it was about to happen, and then a couple of years ago all word on the project just died. Well, thanks to The Movie Blog we now know why.

In an interview with an oldies station (where else would David Hasselhoff be?) David revealed that studio bosses wanted to make the film without a talking car! Hasselhoff refused, and so the movie went nowhere. He had this to say about it, “It’s stupid, there’s no film without a talking car… So we waited two years and won. The car will talk.”

You’ve gotta wonder what idiot tried to make a Knight Rider movie without a talking car. It’s nice to know there’s at least someone with some common sense in Hollywood, but who’d have thunk it was hiding in David Hasselhoff?

So it looks like the Knight Rider movie may be once again moving ahead. We’ll keep you updated as we find more. At one point Paul Walker was rumored to be taking over the Hasselhoff role, who knows what’ll happen now. For the record, this is just about the only role that Paul Walker would actually be good for… and I say that as a sincere fan of the show.
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