Bond Looks South Of The Border For Babes

By Rafe Telsch 2007-09-14 20:32:07discussion comments
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Bond Looks South Of The Border For Babes image
We may not know exactly who James Bond is looking at to be his next Bond girl, but the super spy’s tastes have been revealed, courtesy of Filmjerk. Without knowing the next Bond movie’s plot or title, we know that the Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have something Latin planned for James’s next outing.

The rumor-mill states that Broccoli and Wilson are looking for a Latin actress (South American heritage preferred) in her late twenties, who is beautiful, fluent in English, and able to handle a demanding role both physically and from an acting standpoint. The comment has been made that this won’t be the “traditional” Bond girl stereotype, as the new series is taking the spy and his women in a new direction (just look at Casino Royale).

The nice part of this is that they are clearly looking for a new face to pair James Bond with instead of picking up the traditional Latin actresses around Hollywood. As nice as it might be to see Paz Vega or Salma Hayek in tight Bond-girl roles, it’s always more fun to see Bond teamed up with new faces. Hopefully the character will learn from the last Bond girl's mistake, however, and not try to turn on the spy.
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