Duchovny Talks X-Files 2

By Rafe Telsch 2007-07-16 11:10:05discussion comments
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I came to the party too late to get invested in “The X-Files”. By the time my friends convinced me the show was worth watching, the storyline was pretty far in development, making it difficult at best to catch up. I watched some great episodes when I could catch the show, but without regular viewing I never kept up to get invested in the show. As such, I wasn’t exactly heartbroken when the series came to an end.

I did enjoy The X-Files Movie despite a lack of familiarity with the franchise as a whole. Personally, it was interesting seeng Mulder and Scully performing more mundane FBI tasks that then led into the paranormal, as opposed to the paranormal feature of the week of the series. So the idea of a second film, especially if done as a “one-off,” is particularly appealing to me.

Obviously the idea is appealing to series star David Duchovny as well, who has gone on to mediocre levels of success since the series ended (or, more appropriately, since his role on the series ended). It seems like Duchovny mentions a second X-Files film every time he’s promoting his next project. It’s gotten to the point where Duchovny’s word feels like the little kid telling you about his imaginary friend who is about to put in an appearance at the dinner table, “really!”

While promoting “Californication”, his latest series, Duchovny told everyone his imaginary friend is about to show up yet again. Premium Hollywood reports that, in theory, he’s finally about to get a script from series creator Chris Carter and writer Frank Spotnitz. “This time, I really am supposed to get the script next week. And I’m looking forward to seeing what (Chris) did.” the actor told reporters. The movie would be a stand alone, without any kind of expectation of a new series or a franchise of sequels, which seems unlikely – what studio doesn’t want a franchise of sequels these days? But, sure David. We’ll leave a chair empty for your imaginary friend, yet again.

If the script doesn’t show this time it’s unlikely the rest of Duchovny’s news will come true. He told the press the movie should start filming this year, with a 2008 release date. Meanwhile, the actor should probably focus on the role he has rather than the one he wants to revisit. You don’t hear Gillian Anderson revisiting the franchise every interview, and she’s had considerably less roles since the series wrapped.
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