From Eastern Promises To Crazy Cannibals

By Rafe Telsch 2007-09-12 18:17:05discussion comments
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From Eastern Promises To Crazy Cannibals image
The Lord of the Rings propelled all of its cast into stardom but none have used that push as much to their advantage as Viggo Mortensen. The one-time-Aragorn has exploded from a barely known face to really headline some interesting choices as an acting career goes (okay, Orlando Bloom has probably benefited just as much from LotR but that isnít the hook for this story).

Currently Mortensen is promoting his second team-up with director David Cronenberg, Eastern Promises, but one movie in the can doesnít mean itís time for a breather. Mortensen is already looking forward to his next big project, and he told the MTV Movie Blog where his eyes are currently looking.

Apparently Mortensen is close to signing on to an adaptation of Cormac McCarthyís The Road, a post-apocalyptic thriller that doubles as a father and son tale. The book was a Pultizer-prize winner and among Oprahís picks last year (which, sadly, carries about as much weight as the Pulitzers these days).

Viggo would play the storyís father, who is trying to get away from cannibals and crazies with his son. Sounds like itís a film that would take Mortensen a little closer to the fantasy fanbase of LotR, although the actor says that Visually, itís going to be a very beautiful movie. Itís a very good story. If nothing else, that description intrigues me, as you donít typically call post-apocalyptic films visually beautiful. Visually stunning maybe, decrepit maybe, but beautiful?

Of course, this is just where Viggo is looking and the papers arenít signed yet. Given the prestige of the novel, however, I canít imagine some studio wouldnít want a star of Mortensenís caliber attached to fight post-apocalyptic cannibals.
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