Ricky Gervais Is Retiring Early

By Rafe Telsch 2007-08-01 09:16:55discussion comments
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Ricky Gervais is quitting his job to spend more time with his family. At least that’s the premise behind Early Retirement, a comedy being set up at Warner Brothers that Gervais has signed on to star in according to Variety.

Mark Perez (writer behind Accepted) wanted to create a movie that picks up where other family comedies leave off. So instead of ending with the work-obsessed father realizing the error of his ways and deciding to spend more time with his family, that’s where the movie begins.

Gervais is a great pick for a role like this, although Perez should expect to see great portions of his script revised through ad libbing or replaced altogether. Gervais, who is best known for the original British comedy “The Office” and “Extras” doesn’t strike me as an actor who sticks to every letter in a script.

Still, it’s about time Gervais got a leading role in a comedy. He’s played second fiddle in movies like Night at the Museum and the upcoming Stardust and Ghost Town, which will start filming soon. He’s too funny a comedian to continue to play only supporting roles so seeing him take the lead in this is very promising.
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