Berg Tells Horse Tale With Wind

By Rafe Telsch 2007-07-10 12:43:47discussion comments
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When I first read about Peter Berg’s next picture. I was outraged. I didn’t care how good Friday Night Lights was, nothing gave him the right to remake the classic Civil War picture Gone With The Wind. Then I realized my mistake: the title is Gone Like The Wind. I thought, “alright, Rundown may have been a bit goofy, but it seems odd for Berg to be stepping into parody pictures.” It turns out I should have read the entire article in Variety before passing any judgement, because Gone Like The Wind is no laughing matter.

The title for Peter Berg’s next picture with Universal comes from an article in Vanity Fair about Barbaro, the 2006 Kentucky Derby winning horse. Regardless of whether you pay attention to horse racing, almost everyone knows Barbaro’s story. With a solid victory in Kentucky, many people thought Barbaro was a shoe-in for the Triple Crown. Then tragedy struck when Barbaro shattered one of his rear legs. The article, and most likely Berg’s film, focuses on the horse owners attempts to comfort their horse without having to kill Barbaro. Unfortunately, Barbaro’s story didn’t end happily.

Conveniently, the article was penned by Buzz Bissinger, Berg’s cousin. The film adaptation will be Berg’s next project, teamed with Universal. I thought Berg’s work with Friday Night Lights was awesome, bringing an almost primal intensity to the film. I’m not sure he can do the same for horse racing, but this seems like it probably should be more of a heartfelt drama than a sports movie, which is relatively new territory for the director.
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