A New Direction For Spider-Man 4?

By Rafe Telsch 2007-10-16 22:27:43discussion comments
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A New Direction For Spider-Man 4? image
Talk of another Spider-Man sequel has reduced greatly since the web-slinger came and went over the summer. Perhaps it was the less enthusiastic critical response to Spider-Man 3 or maybe it’s the pending strike, but suddenly another chapter for Peter Parker vanished off the movie news scene. Thankfully, talk is not completely dead and it appears there is still a Spider-Man 4 in the works, although it may be something completely different from what we’ve seen before.

Sam Raimi talked with MTV.com about the Spider-franchise and gave an indication of where it currently sits: apparently in very early stages, as in almost back to square one. Raimi stated that Marvel is currently looking for a new writer after separating with David Koepp, who was originally slated to pen Spider-Man 4 (he also wrote the first movie). Not only are they getting a new writer, but they are also bringing in an entirely new story with no involvement from Raimi. ”I won't be working on the story. It'll be a brand-new writer coming in with a brand-new story — a fresh take on the Spider-Man series." says Raimi.

Apparently, the plan is to put aside previously mentioned plans for the Lizard or the Sinister Six as antagonists for Spidey and let the new writer bring in whatever he wants, even if it contradicts the previous movies. That idea, along with MTV’s referral to the existing films as the “Tobey Maguire flicks” and the hands-off approach from Raimi makes me wonder if we’re not looking at a complete overhaul here: new writer, new cast, new crew. It’s speculation, but there is some basis for it, from Raimi’s now-lowered involvement with planning the fourth film to the rumors that were surrounding the franchise for months prior to Spider-Man 3’s release.

While Raimi doesn’t give further indication that he’s done with the world of Spider-Man, he does give a pretty clear statement on one concept he’s not interested in working on: the once-rumored Venom spin-off. Again, talk on a Venom film has subsided since the early summer, but Raimi makes his feelings pretty clear on the subject: ”That's probably for someone else”
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