CGI TMNT Sequel Coming

By Josh Tyler 2007-06-29 16:29:17discussion comments
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CGI TMNT Sequel Coming image
Moviehole has picked up a scoop on a possible TMNT sequel from the blog of self-proclaimed 5th turtle Steve Murphy. TMNT made nearly $100 million worldwide, and that may be enough for a second CGI Turtles adventure to get a greenlight

Murphy says there’s now a 70 percent chance of another movie happening. Animation Studio Imagi Entertainment is currently talking to their distribution partners at Warner Brothers and The Weinstein Company about making it happen.

At this point, I really wish the Ninja Turtles had been left as a happy memory in rubber suits. Yeah the movie made money, but not a lot of it and frankly was sort of boring. The Turtles are better left in the past.
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