G.I. Joe Gets To Fight COBRA

By Rafe Telsch 2007-07-14 15:28:57discussion comments
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With Transformers making all the excitement among ‘80s nutjobs (myself included), it’s no surprise to see the adaptation of the other ‘80s toy line, G.I. Joe, popping back into headlines. Now the last time we hard about a G.I. Joe movie, it wasn’t in very good hands. Preliminary script reviews were going around making it sound like the popular tag was just being applied to a film about a special commando unit, but with no real influence from the toy line that made these army toys “G.I. Joe”. Most notably absent from the script was the villainous COBRA terrorist organization.

Now, G.I. Joe has been around a long time, but at its height it had COBRA to fight. Before COBRA, Joes were pretty much just soldier dolls. Post-COBRA, the Joe line got a bit outlandish. If a hero is partially defined by its enemy, Joe needs COBRA.

Well, good news for those disappointed by the script reviews. It appears Latino Review, who provided one of those script reviews, heard from the Chief Operating Officer of Hasbro, Brian Goldner. His message was brief and to the point: We are working to develop a movie script that delivers a contemporary GI JOE vs. COBRA story, inspired by the comic books. We do not yet have one. Hopefully soon….

So it doesn’t get much clearer than that. The intention is to have both Joes and Cobra. As LR points out, Hasbro has more invested in this than just G.I. Joe toys. They have COBRA toys to sell as well.

Here’s hoping the G.I. Joe movie gets as much attention and respect as Transformers did. Fans seem to be pretty satisfied with their giant freakin’ robots movie. As more of a Joe fan, I’d like to be happy with a movie about my ‘80s toy of choice too.
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