Rambo IV Name Changed Back

By Josh Tyler 2007-10-14 14:04:07discussion comments
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Stallone has changed the name of his new Rambo movie… again. On Friday Lionsgate update everyone to tell us that the film would be changed from John Rambo to Rambo to Hell and Back. Now they’re changing it back to John Rambo.

It sounds like Sly just can’t figure out what he wants to call it. Stallone told AICN, “I just was thinking that the title John Rambo was derivative of Rocky Balboa and might give people the idea that this is the last Rambo film, and I don't necessarily feel that it will be. He's not an athlete, there's no reason he can't continue onto another adventure. Like John Wayne with The Searchers.” So it may be back to John Rambo, but since this is now the movie’s fourth title in four months, and since Stallone still doesn’t sound very certain, it won’t be a shock if it’s changed a fifth time.

Meanwhile, AICN’s Harry Knowles is taking credit for convincing Sly to change the name back. That’s just how much more important than the rest of us he is. So if you preferred To Hell and Back, go take out your displeasure on Knowles. Please Sly, just call the damn thing Rambo IV and let’s be done with it.
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