2008 Fall TV Preview: Samantha Who?
What she comes to learn, from the help of her friend Andrea, her parents, her ex-boyfriend Todd and childhood best friend Dena, is that in her pre-amnesiac life, she was kind of a bitch. Samantha sees her current mental condition as an opportunity to start over. Unfortunately, while she may have forgotten the past, the past hasn’t forgotten her so turning over a new leaf isn’t quite as simple as she wishes it were.
2008 Fall TV Preview: Crusoe
Crusoe is a TV adaptation of Daniel Defoe’s hugely popular novel. From the videos we have posted here it looks like this new series will be full of adventure! It all starts with the two-hour pilot. We've also got a nice collection of photos for you to check out.
2008 Fall TV Preview: Eleventh Hour
Eleventh Hour centers on top biophysicist Jacob Hood, a special advisor to the government who is called in to lend his brilliance to crime investigations of a scientific nature. Special Agent Rachel Young serves as Hood’s protection.
2008 Fall TV Preview: My Own Worst Enemy
Putting aside that my inner adolescent still crushes on Slater, this is one of the new series that I've been most looking forward to. Not since Alias has there been a really good spy series on and I'm hoping My Own Worst Enemy will turn out to be a worth watching weekly drama. Check out video clips and photos from the pilot!
2008 Fall TV Preview: The Ex List
Then she visits a psychic who tells her that she already met her “true love” and had a romantic relationship with him. This prompts Bella to revisit her past romances in search of the one that got away and figure out how to get him back. We've got a featurette video and some promotional and episode photos for you to check out.
2008 Fall TV Preview: Kath And Kim
TV Guide gave the pilot a poor review in their recent issue but as comedy pilots are often awkward and we’re dealing with an adaptation, I think Kath & Kim deserves a chance, at least for a few episodes. Since it’s airing during NBC’s Thursday night block of comedies, it’ll be virtually unavoidable.
2008 Fall TV Preview: Gary Unmarried
While at work painting houses, Gary meets Vanessa, a single mom whom he wants to date. The problem is, he’s sure Allison won’t approve of him dating. Little does he know, Allison is engaged to their shrink. Upon learning that little tidbit about his ex-wife, Gary decides it’s time to move on and pursue post-marriage happiness.
2008 Fall TV Preview: The Office
The Office is an NBC comedy series that's filmed like a reality show (even though it's completely fictional) and follows the employees of Dunder-Mifflin as they go about their hum-drum jobs selling paper. When the fourth season ended, Michael found out that his ex-girlfriend Jan was pregnant with a sperm-donothr's baby.
2008 Fall TV Preview: Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives is an ABC dramedy that follows a group of women living on Wisteria Lane, a cozy little block with too much drama (and more violence than one would expect in a seemingly normal upper-middle class suburb). There’s way too much to explain in terms of the backstory but fortunately, ABC came up with this little recap video to catch you up or refresh your memory
2008 Fall TV Preview: Opportunity Knocks
Each of the four family members playing the game takes a turn to answer questions. With each correct answer they accumulate money that goes into their winnings. They also have the chance to play for a big prize. At the end of the game, one family member has the chance to double their family’s winnings or go for broke by trying to win a quarter of a million dollars.
2008 Fall TV Preview: Boston Legal
Boston Legal is an ABC dramedy that follows a group of lawyers at the law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt. Much like David E. Kelley’s previous works (Picket Fences, The Practice, Ally McBeal, Boston Public), this series addresses some heavy issues through the cases the firm handles with a blend of seriousness and humor, which is why Boston Legal often treads the line between a drama and a comedy.
2008 Fall TV Preview: How I Met Your Mother
Since the show is on its fourth season, needless to say it’s quite a long story but it’s a hilarious one. Marshall and Lily are married and college friends of Ted’s. Robin is a news reporter whom Ted dated at the beginning (and middle) of the series but now they’re just friends. Barney is a money-loving womanizer who has embraced the single life.
2008 Fall TV Preview: Heroes
When the third season resumes, we’ll see more time travel, attempts to save the past, new missions and of course, new villains. CB Head Honcho Josh caught the season premiere at a screening at Comic Con this summer. It’s got some spoilers so consider yourself warned! We also have video clips from the premiere and promotional images!
2008 Fall TV Preview: Grey's Anatomy
I’ve seen the two-hour season premiere episode (full review to come!) and without spoiling anything major for you, I will just say that I have a very good feeling about this season. I’ve said before that I don’t think the show has been as good since the second season but based on the first episode of season five, I do believe Grey’s could be coming back!
2008 Fall TV Preview: The Mentalist
The Mentalist is a new CBS drama series that stars Simon Baker and centers on Patrick Jane, an independent consultant that works for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) solving serious crimes by using his keen power of observation. He has a certain disregard for protocol and is somewhat of a celebrity having once made money posing as a psychic.
2008 Fall TV Preview: Worst Week
The premise alone isn't really selling it for me just yet but as this new series follows CBS’s hilarious comedy, How I Met Your Mother, it’s likely that I’ll find myself watching this series premiere, which airs after HIMYM’s season premiere and Two and a Half Men. We've got some videos and pictures for your viewing pleasure
2008 Fall TV Preview: Smallville
Smallville is a CWdrama series that follows Clark Kent in his younger years as he comes to grips with his destiny as a super hero. I tried to get into this show when it first premiered but it was way too Dawson’s Creeky for me. I know there are plenty of die-hard Smallville fans out there though.
2008 Fall TV Preview: House
Part of what makes House great is Hugh Laurie’s excellent portrayal of the seemingly emotionless doctor. Despite House’s lack of bedside manner, there’s something strangely charming about him that makes him so likable as a character. The other character drama added to the mystery of the week keeps the show moving at a decent pace.
2008 Fall TV Preview: The Biggest Loser 6: Families
I love the whole idea of The Biggest Loser but it’s just not one of the reality series that I watch regularly. I have caught a few episodes and one thing that amazes and impresses me is the contestants’ willingness to show off their bodies so openly. The “Families” twist sounds like an interesting way to change the show up a bit, similar to last season’s “Couples” theme.
2008 Fall TV Preview: TALKSHOW With Spike Feresten
I rarely make time to watch late night comedy and talk shows largely due to the fact that if I am up that late at night, I’m usually busy writing. Having researched the synopsis for this show, it actually sounds kind of funny and could be a great show to jump to if, after 30 minutes of SNL have passed and I’m finding the episode dragging, I feel the need to flip over to something else

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