Will 300 Get Another Sequel, Here's What Zack Snyder Says
Director Zack Snyder seems intent on taking the premise of the 300 franchise and moving the action to different battles throughout recorded history.
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What Zack Snyder Wants To Do After Justice League
While director Zack Snyder is currently smack in the middle of building DC’s cinematic universe, at some point he’s probably going to get tired of making comic book movies and want to try something different just for a change of pace.
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The 10 Best R-Rated Comic Book Movies Of All Time
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that comic books and comic book movies are solely for younger audiences. We've determined the 10 best R-rated comic book movies of all time.
10 Great Comic Book Movies Not About Superheroes
Whether it be a complete reproduction of the comic book, or a more loose translation, comic books have inspired a number of different filmmakers, and have gained entirely new audiences through their adaptation to film. So here we praise the 10 greatest comic book movies, not about superheroes.
300 Gets Ripped To Shreds With Honest Trailer
For their 50th entry in this web series, Screen Junkies have taken on Zack Snyder's 300, from its over-the-top machismo to its nonsensical blend of fact and fiction, and its male-to-female nipple ratio.
Waves Of Men And Blood Rise In 300: Rise Of An Empire Trailer
300 was a vibrant and thrilling historical epic that awed audiences around the world. But even with all its grandeur, battles, and bloodshed, it was just the beginning of a grander story.
What Would Zack Snyder's Star Wars Look Like?
Once news broke that Zack Snyder reportedly was prepping a standalone Star Wars film, the Internet did what the Internet does, which is cleverly (and snarkily) lampooning the idea.
God Of War: Ascension GameStop Pre-Order Gets 300 Skin
Thanks to the movie 300, I had trouble playing God of War 3 without occasionally shouting out “This…is…SPARTA!” as I tore the game’s hordes of enemies limb from limb. Now, if I pre-order God of War: Ascension from GameStop, I can continue those practices in earnest with my handy-dandy King Leonidas multiplayer skin.
300 Prequel Gets A New Title
The 300 prequel has already gone through two names, including Xerxes and 300: Battle of Artemsia, but now it seems that they have moved things around and the project once again has a new name: 300: Rise of an Empire. The new film is being directed by Smart People helmer Noam Murro and stars Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Rodrigo Santoro, Callan Mulvey and Jack O'Connell.
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Aussie Actor Callan Mulvey Lands Roles In 300 Sequel, Bigelow's Latest
His credits include work on the television series Rush, Home and Away and Heartbreak High. But he appears poised to make the leap to high-profile feature films, and solid work in both Dark Thirty and Artemisia could propel him to Joel Edgerton or Gerard Butler status.
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Jamie Blackley Will Lead 300 Sequel
Jamie Blackley has signed on to star opposite Sullivan Stapleton. While Stapleton is set to play the menacing Xerxes, who was memorably and strangely portrayed by Rodrigo Santoro in the original, Blackley will take on the role of Calisto, a young man who aspires to be a great and heroic warrior like his father before him.
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300 Sequel May Finally Have Landed A Solid Title
It’s been nearly five years since Zack Snyder blew all of our minds with the wildly visual and hyper-muscly 300. The stylized effects coupled with the arguably overused slo-mo effects really put Snyder on the map and sparked a ton of interest in the Frank Miller graphic novel. Naturally, since 300 made back its budget in just one weekend, the studio wanted a sequel and so did many fans.
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Joel Edgerton Won't Be In The Planned 300 Prequel
It might be best for all involved. As was sort of hinted at, Edgerton’s not really the kind of guy prepared to open a film to the type of number Artemisia will need to hit to afford all of its costly CGI. Then again, those who’ve seen the actor in films like Animal Kingdom or Warrior know that he’s far more capable of dramatic fare, and we’d hate to see him wasted screaming “This is Artemisia!” in front of a green screen.
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Will Gerard Butler And Lena Headey Return For 300: Battle Of Artemisia?
Just because there is room in the script for the return of Leonidas and Gorgo doesn’t necessarily mean that those scenes will be in the final cut of the film. Moreover, it wouldn’t necessarily guarantee that Butler and Headey would definitely be reprising these roles if those characters did resurface. They could easily replace them with other actors which may even be required depending on how far in advance of the original 300 story the prequel takes place.
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Captain America's Red-Faced Nazi And 6 Other Blatant Historical Lies
The American people need to know Nazis weren’t led by some Satanic warmonger one step left from Jeff Goldblum’s fly. I’d like to think the best of the population, that the average person could sift through these blows against veracity, but the truth is they won’t. Within decades, teachers will be showing this film at the expense of textbooks. Where does it stop?
300 Sequel Battle of Artemisia Handed To Noam Murro
The follow-up film, which once was titled Xerxes and is based on Frank Miller’s upcoming graphic novel, shifts its focus to the Persian leader who was the antagonist in Snyder’s 2006 battle thriller. Snyder co-wrote the screenplay with his 300 collaborator Kurt Johnstad.
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Xerxes Retitled 300: Battle of Artemisia, Noam Murro Or Jaume Collet-Serra May Direct
Nobody on this planet expected Zack Snyder's 300 to be the box office smash that it was. Raking in more than $450 million worldwide on a $65 million budget, the film was such a success that when a spin-off called Xerxes was presented, the studio gave it an immediate greenlight. The problem? That was all the way back in 2007, and very little has been done since to actually get the movie in motion.
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Conan The Barbarian Poster Wants To Remind You Of 300
Even though the film's writer Sean Hood promised online that the film is definitely rated R, nothing is certain until the MPAA weighs in; then again, looking at the new poster for the film that debuted yesterday at IGN, it's hard to imagine they're going for anything different
300 Sequel No Longer Called Xerxes, Almost Definitely Won't Be Directed By Zack Snyder
Beyond the new title and Canton's vague, all-but-guaranteed suggestion that Snyder won't be directing -- "I don’t see us waiting two years to make the movie"-- there's not much news here. But the dozens of you waiting to return to the world of 300 without Snyder's direction
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Fixing Zack Snyder: Less Sucker Punch, More Budget Crunch
Once he's done with the Man of Steel, I'm dying to see Snyder handed $30 million and a shopping mail again, to prove he's still a director who knows how to get out of his own way, who knows his great talents are sometimes even better when we don't see quite so much of them.
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