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AFI Fest Review: The Fighter

There’s no real sane or logical reason why anyone would want to become a boxer. After all, with the exception of the Jackass crew, how many people do you know that would be willing to get punched in the face

AFI Fest Review: Made In Dagenham

Inequality is such a ridiculous concept, yet remains prevalent in our society to this day. One can’t make an argument based on reason or fact why anyone different from themselves, be it color, creed or gender, should

AFI Fest Review: Rabbit Hole

This time of year, known as Oscar season ‘round movie parts, typically sees its fair share of heavy drama. We watch as characters break down, filled with pain, sadness over loss, out of depression or both. But for

AFI Fest Review: Two Gates Of Sleep

Strong characters and well-established motivation to overcome conflict are two incredibly important parts of a story. While you can sacrifice a little of one to make room for the other, it’s impossible to engage an audience

AFI Fest Review: Pulsar

Computers have blessed society in many ways, from communication to accessibility of information. But as far advanced as the technology has gotten, they are still dangerous machines. Every minute of every day, people

AFI Fest Review: Rubber

Quentin Dupieux’s Rubber opens with a man in a police uniform emerging from the trunk of a car and speaking directly to the audience. Why, he questions, was Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The Extraterrestrial brown?

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