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Emma Roberts Peddles Smut In New Adult World Trailer

The film, which premiered last year at the Tribeca Film Festival, is slated for release this year, and we have our first look at the trailer now. IFC Films is putting the film out, and they’ve assembled a trailer that, for the most part, captures the vibe of the film.

Shannon Woodward Joins Emma Roberts And John Cusack In Adult World

Shannon Woodward, who has brought some serious snark and sassiness to television's The Riches and Raising Hope, has just signed on to star opposite Emma Roberts in the coming-of-age comedy Adult World. Penned by Andy Cochran, this female-fronted feature is meant to satirize the contemporary post-graduate delirium that afflicts so many twenty-somethings with existential crisis and ennui.

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John Cusack And Evan Peters Join Emma Roberts In Adult World

The story follows Amy Anderson (Roberts), a 21-year-old young woman who has recently graduated from college with a degree in poetry. Though she has great confidence that she will be the next great writer, the economic downturn mixed with her unpaid student loans cause a financial problem and she is not only forced to move back in with her parents, but also get a job at a local adult book store called "Adult World" (hence the title).

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Emma Roberts To Star In Coming Of Age Tale Adult World

Now 20 years old, Emma Roberts is at a point in her career where she has to separate herself from the movies she did when she was younger - like Nancy Drew, Aquamarine and Hotel For Dogs - and start taking on more mature roles. She's already done a solid job of doing so, starring in the indie comedy It's Kind of A Funny Story and the upcoming Scream 4, but now she ready to enter the adult world by literally entering Adult World.

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