Bad Santa 2 Trailer Lets Billy Bob Thornton Be Mean To More Kids
The summer movie season is actually beginning to wind down, which means it's time to look forward to the busy holiday movie season. This one won't exactly be a blockbuster, but it's one that fans have been waiting for, for a very long time.
10 Great Movies To Watch Before Netflix Gets Rid Of Them In February
As we learned earlier today, there is some really great stuff heading to Netflix in February – including Full Metal Jacket, Sin City, and the first season of Better Call Saul - but the end of January means that we will also soon be seeing a lot of movies heading off of the streaming service. The good news, however, is that there is still some time for you to catch them before they disappear.
Bad Santa 2 Is Happening, Get The Details
It was 2003 when Billy Bob Thornton starred in Bad Santa. Since then the film has become something of a holiday classic among those who have a slightly twisted view of the term holiday classic.
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5 Great Movies That Bill Murray Missed Out On
ill Murray has become somewhat notorious for never picking up the phone… literally. Years ago, the legendary star decided to replace his agent with a 1-800 number and a rarely-checked answering machine, and as a result he really only ever takes on projects that spark his interest in a big way.
45 Important Lessons Christmas Movies Have Taught Us
For the seasoned holiday celebrator, there are many vital Christmas lessons that will eventually be learned over the years. Like not to wait until Christmas Eve to do your shopping, remember to keep the tree watered and if you have a cat, put the shiniest and most delicate ornaments out of paw’s reach, if possible. Also avoid tinsel. If you have a cat, you know why. As it happens, movies are also chock full of learning lessons, especially Christmas movies...
Bad Santa 2 Lands A Screenwriter And Possible Director In Entourage's Doug Ellin
He’s already started on Bad Santa 2’s script though, and should the film get made, Thorton wants production to begin after he’s finished filming Mathew Cullen’s London Fields with Amber Heard.
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Billy Bob Thornton Says Bad Santa 2 Is Starting Up This Year
Bad Santa isn't a movie that needs a sequel. It's completely self-contained, has satisfying endings for all of the characters, and operates perfectly as a singular dark comedy. Sure, Willy is a great characters and it could be interesting to see him on another "adventure," but why risk creating something so awful that it would leave a bad taste...
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The 15 Strangest Ways Movie Characters Have Spent Christmas
We all may think that we’re beautiful and unique snowflakes, but one thing that unites us all is tradition and never is tradition stronger than around Christmas time. From gift-giving and tree lightings in Christian households to Chinese food and trips to the movies for our Jewish friends, you can typically set a clock to what people will do every year when December 25 rolls around.
Drunk Mess: 9 Great Alcoholic Movie Characters
His ground and pound strategy might be a vicious fuck you to his own liver, but it’s also impressive in a go-hard-or-go-home Betty Ford kind of way. It’s inspired some of us to start asking for doubles. More importantly, it’s inspired more of us to argue endlessly over Google Chat and Facebook messages about why certain cinematic drunks are better than others. In the end, we couldn’t come to a consensus; so, we decided to give everyone a chance to defend his or her favorite.
Exclusive: Bad Santa Writers Give Their Blessing To The Sequels Being Made Without Them
I talked to them today about that movie, and with news of a potential Bad Santa trilogy floating around, I had to ask the guys about their feelings seeing the characters they created revived for another go-round. Ficarra and Requa are not involved in any of the Bad Santa sequel plans, but as you'll read
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Bad Santa Becoming A Trilogy
Producers of the 2003 hit and executives at Dimension Films are moving ahead on a potential sequel, they hinted that they might be ready to fill audience member's stockings with not one additional Santa but potentially two installments that would complete a devious trilogy. Up-and-coming writers Johnny Rosenthal and John Phillips have been hired to come up with two separate ideas for a sequel script.
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Billy Bob Thornton Officially In Negotiations For Bad Santa 2
We couldn't agree more about Bad Santa being a Christmas perennial, but that still doesn't mean a sequel is necessary. Though really, who knows-- the movie is all about Thornton and his performance, and if he's on board and enthusiastic he might be able to bring the magic yet again
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Why You Should Watch Bad Santa On Christmas
This is a dark and disturbed Christmas comedy for everyone who’s sick of being forced to listen to some lounge-singer version of jingle bells when they walk through the grocery store. This is not a movie for the broad-shouldered
Miramax And The Weinsteins Planning Sequels For Bad Santa, Rounders, Shakespeare In Love
Other potential sequel fodder in the Miramax vault includes Bridget Jones's Diary, From Dusk Till Dawn, Swingers (hey, Jon Favreau's schedule
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Bad Santa Writers Returning To Their Roots With Buddy Cop Comedy
Having been raised Jewish, I don't exactly get the same kick out of Christmas that others do. Sure, I enjoy the music and embrace the idea of togetherness, but it all comes from an outside perspective (Kyle from
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Billy Bob Thornton Teases Bad Santa 2
Now that Thanksgiving’s nearly out of the way, people are getting down with Christmas. For me Christmas mostly means sitting around watching Christmas movies. At the top of my yearly viewing list? Bad Santa
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