The Sicario Sequel Moving Forward Without One Of Its Stars
We learned last September that the action-thriller Sicario will soon be getting a sequel, and it’s bringing back some key players. The story is set to focus on the character played by Benicio Del Toro in the first movie, and it’s also been said that Josh Brolin will be returning to reprise his part as CIA agent Matt Graver.
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Benicio Del Toro Is Making A Movie About The Cuban Mafia, Here's What We Know
Benicio Del Toro and Paramount Pictures have won a huge bidding war to claim the film rights to The Corporation, which sounds as though it will be a gangster epic.
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Sicario 2 Is Happening, Here's What We Know So Far
These days it seems like the only movies that get made anymore are the giant action blockbusters, and the small dramas designed to win awards. Sicario was one of the few films that seem to exist between the two.
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One Reason Benicio Del Toro Wanted To Do Star Wars: Episode VIII
Because Star Wars has been around for 40 years it’s a franchise that most movie fans have grown up with today. That also goes for many of the people who make movies.
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Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Won't Bring Back The Most Eccentric Character
If you were particularly attached to the entire cast of Guardians Of The Galaxy, then the news that one of its previous participants has probably been omitted is bad news. Read on to see who isn't coming back.
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Sicario Almost Ended Very Differently
Denis Villenueve's crime drama Sicario is one of the year's best movies, but the ending was went down in a very, very different way, and in a much worse fashion as well.
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Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Will Bring Back The Film's Most Eccentric Character
Aside from the five core characters, it’s difficult to gage who will be back for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. As we inch closer to the start if production, it seems as though one major character will be joining the intergalactic band of superhero misfits: The Collector.
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What Rian Johnson Brings To Star Wars Episode 8, According to Benicio Del Toro
There's a lot of excitement over what Rian Johnson is going to bring to Star Wars: Episode 8. And the film's rumored villain, Benicio Del Toro, has now explained why he believes the director is the perfect choice to helm the blockbuster.
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Sicario Is Already Getting A Sequel, Get The Details
Director Denis Villeneuve's Sicario only opened in six theaters nationwide last weekend, but it's already being deemed a major success by Lionsgate. How major? It turns out that the studio has already given the greenlight to develop a sequel that will follow the character in the movie played by Benicio Del Toro.
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Star Wars Fans Might Be Wrong About Benicio Del Toro's Episode 8 Character
After popping up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Collector, Benicio Del Toro booked his next Disney gig as a character in Star Wars: Episode 8. When his casting was first made public, reports stated he would play a villain, but the actor is trying to reset our expectations.
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What Benecio Del Toro Is Actually Doing In Star Wars Episode VIII
We learned this past summer that Lucasfilm and Disney were looking at Benicio Del Toro for a part in the movie, and now he's opened up about it every so slightly.
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Five Star Wars Villains Benicio Del Toro Could Play In Episode 8
It might be a bit premature to start predicting what villainous character Benicio Del Toro will play in Star Wars: Episode VIII, but that doesn't mean it isn't a lot of fun to try.
Star Wars: Episode VIII Offers Benicio Del Toro A Key Role, Get The Details
Actor Benicio Del Toro is not at all far removed from his last performance in a big blockbuster space opera, as it was just last summer that the Oscar-winner found himself starring in Guardians of the Galaxy. Now it looks like he may get his next opportunity to head out into the cosmos once again.
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Will The Collector Appear In Guardians 2? Here's What Benicio Del Toro Says
Though he was only in the movie for a short amount of time, and largely served to provide some very important exposition, Benicio Del Toro gave one of the most fascinating performances in Guardians of the Galaxy. But while the character emerged as a fan favorite, it seems that the actor's future with the franchise is a bit murky.
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Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin Hunt Mexican Drug Lords In First Sicario Images
The upcoming crime thriller, Sicario has released its very first images showing what seems to be an intriguing cast dynamic between stars, Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benecio Del Toro. The film focuses on an FBI agent played by Blunt who is placed into the world of Mexican drug cartels. Based on what's being seen, the ordeal will leave her marked not only ethically, but physically. Check out the new photos to see what we mean!
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Why Guardians Of The Galaxy's The Collector Is So Into Collecting Things
One of the best parts of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy was the sequence where the titular gang goes to visit The Collector (Benicio Del Toro) and try to sell The Orb. While his role as all too brief, the white haired weirdo is one of the strangest in the film, and left us asking all kinds of questions.
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Escobar: Paradise Lost Trailer: Watch Benicio Del Toro Play The Legendary Outlaw
Benecio Del Toro's performance as Pablo Escobar is nothing to fool around with, especially after seeing a trailer like this.
Benicio Del Toro, Jamie Foxx And The Spring Breakers Guy Are Making A Weird Movie
Benicio Del Toro and Jamie Foxx will star in the upcoming new film from Harmony Korine, the man who directed Spring Breakers last year. The Trap will see the two acting titans play childhood friends. But after one of them spends a long period in jail he sets out for revenge on the evening that his old chum is honored for his career.
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Amazes Comic-Con's Hall H With Full Cast And First Footage
Who is The Collector? Oh, just an enormously powerful, billions of years-old being who can see the future and has a giant collection of priceless artifacts from across the galaxy-- hence the name. He also tends to tangle with the Avengers, at once point in the comics even forcing Iron Man to work on his side
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Thor: The Dark World May Have A Cameo From A Guardians Of The Galaxy Villain
Not only does this confirm what we all know – that Del Toro is notorious for being hard to understand – but it also gives us a small idea as to who he might be playing.
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