New Nicole Kidman Movie Will Now Be Released On Lifetime
the cabler announced it had picked up Grace of Monaco, a movie starring Nicole Kidman. That’s right, the well-known Australian actress is now headed to Lifetime, too, not that she has much say about it.
Cannes Critics Destroy Nicole Kidman's Grace Of Monaco
The film was met with harsh criticism following early press screenings ahead of the word premiere, and the buzz on the movie’s once-bright awards hopes immediately went sour.
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Weinstein Stands Behind Grace Of Monaco Following Public Feud With Director
The Weinstein Company is in final negotiations to retain the U.S. distribution rights from Grace of Monaco's production company YRF Entertainment. This means--should everything go according to plan--TWC will open Grace of Monaco Stateside, possibly later this year.
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Cannes Slate Boasts New Films From Michel Hazanavicius, Tommy Lee Jones And More
The festival will open with Olivier Dahan's Grace Of Monaco, though there's no shortage of auteirist works as well. Former Grand Prix winner Atom Egoyan returns with Ryan Reynolds-starrer The Captive while Jean-Luc Godard presents his newest late-career project, the winkingly-titled Goodbye To Language, which will be presented in 3D.
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Latest Grace Of Monaco Trailer Finally Reveals Nicole Kidman And Key Conflict
Grace of Monaco has had some serious highs and lows, just like its central figure Grace Kelly. But as it approaches its world premiere at the illustrious Cannes Film Festival, the biopic about the movie star turned princess has finally unveiled a meaty trailer that gives a sense of its scale as well as its central drama.
Nicole Kidman's Grace Of Monaco To Open The Cannes Film Festival
Which version will open Cannes? The creative team behind Monaco now has until May to figure that out. An opening-night slot at Cannes can bring a ton of attention to films seeking awards consideration, though it doesn’t automatically translate into success.
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Grace Of Monaco Director Calls Out Harvey Weinstein Over Edit Plans
"They want a commercial film smelling of daisies, taking out anything that exceeds that which is too abrupt, everything that makes it cinematic and breathe with life. A lot of things are missing."
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Nicole Kidman's Grace Of Monaco Runs Away From Oscar Season Into 2014
Well, that was a short-lived mystery. We had been wondering for weeks why there was no actual trailer for Grace of Monaco, the biopic in which Nicole Kidman plays Princess of Monaco and Hollywood icon Grace Kelly. It seemed like the production was troubled, or at least not ready, and now The Weinstein Company has possibly confirmed both theories by bumping the film to a spring release
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Grace Of Monaco Teaser Trailer Finally Reveals Nicole Kidman As Grace Kelly
What gets more attention than a famous person starring as another famous person in a biopic? A famous person playing a glamorous famous person, that's what. Nicole Kidman has proven that she's up for just about any challenge on screen, but we're still anxious to see what happens when she takes on an even bigger screen icon, Grace Kelly, in the upcoming Grace of Monaco
Grace Of Monaco Stills Have Nicole Kidman Basking In The Spotlight
Scripted by Arash Amel, the film is based on the true story of how Grace Kelly (Nicole Kidman) played an important role in settling an escalating conflict brewing between Monaco's Prince Rainier III (Tim Roth) and France's Charles De Gaulle (André Penvern) over the principality's existence as a tax haven.
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Nicole Kidman's Grace Of Monaco Gets Oscar-Friendly Release Date
Olivier Dahan's Grace Kelly biopic, which casts Nicole Kidman in the title role, will arrive in select theaters on Dec. 27, putting it right in the wheelhouse of when movies with Academy Award aspirations are supposed to start screening for critics and guild organizations.
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Grace Of Monaco Picked Up By The Weinstein Company
Even though neither Silver Linings Playbook nor Django Unchained brought The Weinstein Company an Academy Award for Best Picture, they’re already working on taking over next year’s Oscar race. Unfortunately, Christoph Waltz has yet to be involved.
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Nicole Kidman's Grace Kelly Biopic Slammed As Pure Fiction By Prince Albert Of Monaco
When making a biopic there are many benefits to having the approval of the person or the family of the person the movie is about. Not only can it be used as a marketing tool, it's helpful from a storytelling perspective as the filmmakers can get access to information and relationships that they would otherwise be distanced from.
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Derek Jacobi Joins Nicole Kidmans Grace Kelly Biopic
With cameras now rolling on this promising picture, Derek Jacobi, one of England's most respected thespians, has been added to the incredible ensemble cast. Jacobi will portray Count Fernando D'Aillieres. Described as a "flamboyant aristocrat," D'Aillieres was an ally to Kelly as she attempted to learn the ways of her new homeland as well as the rules of royalty.
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Parker Posey Will Be Nicole Kidman's Frenemy In Grace of Monaco
There is something distinctly and deeply satisfying about watching Parker Posey play entitled bitches. Really no one does it better. She somehow manages to create characters audiences loathe yet envy. So it's a brilliant move on the part of the producers of Grace of Monaco to have signed Parker to play a calculating lady-in-waiting in the court of Grace Kelly's Monaco.
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Tim Roth Joins Nicole Kidman In Grace Kelly Biopic
Nicole Kidman will headline as Kelly, and Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs) has committed to play Rainier, who is described as ambitious and headstrong, in part because he was forced to take up his royal responsibilities at an early age.
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Paz Vega Joins Nicole Kidman In Grace Of Monaco
Based on a true story, the movie is about famed actress Grace Kelly and her time as the princess of Monaco. While married to Prince Rainier III, she helped settle an escalating situation between France and the principality about her nation’s status as a tax haven. Nicole Kidman has already been cast as Kelly, who Hitchcock fans will recognize as the beauty from Rear Window, and Vega will be playing...
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Nicole Kidman May Play Grace Kelly In Grace Of Monaco
The last time I wrote about Grace of Monoco, the upcoming Grace Kelly biopic, I asked you, our readers, for suggestions as to who should play the classic beauty. In our comments section you threw out names like January Jones, Alexandra Breckenridge, Rosamund Pike and Jessica Chastain. Sadly none of those actresses have landed the part but the person who guessed Naomi Watts was close: it's her best friend.
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La Vie En Rose Director To Helm Grace Kelly Biopic
n a strange turn of events, today has become all about Alfred Hitchcock's favorite blonde ladies. Earlier today it was reported that Kim Novak is upset about the use of Bernard Herrmann's score from Vertigo in Michel Hazanavicius' The Artist, and now a biopic about Grace Kelly, who starred in Rear Window, Dial M For Murder and To Catch A Thief, has landed a director. But if you're expecting a movie about Kelly's glamorous movie career, you are mistaken.
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