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7 Movies To See If You Loved Baby Driver

Edgar Wright's Baby Driver is the coolest film in theaters at the moment. If you want to see films of a similar style and ilk, then you really need to click inside.

The 5 Key Films That Inspired Baby Driver, According To Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is not just a great filmmaker, but clearly wears his love of movies on his sleeve. While each of his projects are unique, they are also crafted speaking a specific cinematic language designed by decades of legendary directors.

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Why Al Pacino's Acting Is So Over The Top In Heat

After years of secrecy, Al Pacino has finally revealed the reason why his acting was so over the top in Heat.

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The Best Films Of 1995, Ranked

It's been 20 years since 1995, but which films from this 12 month period are regarded as the best? Take a click inside to find out.

Jason Statham's Heat Remake Adds Stanley Tucci, Cedric The Entertainer

Statham will be joined by Stanley Tucci, Anne Heche and Cedric the Entertainer in the action thriller. Heat has nothing to do with Michael Mann’s police procedural with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Instead, it is based on a William Goldman novel that casts the Transporter star as an ex-mercenary and a gambling addict working as a bodyguard in Las Vegas.

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Heat Remake Adds Heroes' Milo Ventimiglia

Simon West's Heat remake is up one more familiar face. Joining Jason Statham in the film is Milo Ventimiglia, who may be best known for playing the starring role of Peter Petrelli in NBC's Heroes, or on the feature side, as the title character's son in Rocky Balboa.

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Sofia Vegara Plays The Victim In Remake Of Burt Reynolds' 1986 Crime Drama Heat

ergara is in negotiations to appear opposite Jason Statham for the Simon West-helmed remake of the 1986 Burt Reynolds film Heat. Notice how that was worded to avoid all confusion with Michael Mann’s 1995 crime epic.

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Simon West Takes Over Jason Statham's Heat Remake

It's a little terrifying to hear about a remake of Heat starring Jason Statham, since you rightly assume that they're talking about the iconic Michael Mann film, which famously united Al Pacino and Robert De Niro for a single electrifying scene. But the remake that Statham has stepped behind is in fact of the 1986 film of the same name

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Six 90s Movies That Hollywood Must Not Remake

For years we have watched as studios have constantly churned out remakes of 80s movies like Fright Night, Clash of the Titans, Nightmare on Elm Street and The Karate Kid, but the release of Total Recall brings us into whole new territory: the 90s. The original adaptation, directed by Paul Verhoeven, came out in 1990, and the remake could very well be the excuse studios need to start mining the rest of the decade for properties to reboot.

Jason Statham, Brian De Palma Planning Remake Of William Goldman's Heat

Statham will play Mex -- a character portrayed by Burt Reynolds in the '86 film -- a former soldier of fortune who "rents" his services out to various Las Vegas loners. When one of his friends is savagely beaten by a high-roller with mob connections, Mex agrees to help, but, in the process, the job threatens his business, his contacts and maybe even his life. Statham’s fine for the part, and with De Palma and Goldman backing him up, Heat appears to be in the best hands possible.

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Ewan McGregor And Andrew Garfield Making Bank Robberies The New Vampires

There are always trends to pay attention to in Hollywood. Be it vampires or ensemble rom-coms or super hero movies, there are patterns in the business and two upcoming films are hoping to change the mold a little bit by bringing the classic bank robber movie back to the forefront of American cinema

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FlixWorthy: Law Abiding Citizen Inherits Brewster's Millions

Welcome back to FlixWorthy, your weekly guide to Netflix streaming. This week we've got law-abiding citizens, unexpected inheritances, and some exceedingly white kids

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