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Independence Day 2's Honest Trailer Is Worth Watching For Liam Hemsworth's Roar Montage Alone

In a summer of sequels, Independence Day: Resurgence was the one that nobody seemed to want. 20 years after the fact they were going to have to bring a lot to the table. They did not.

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7 Sequels That Failed After Being Given More Money

When a movie is successful, it's common practice for studios to consider sequels. This process usually also includes increasing the budget of the follow-up, but that's not always a successful plan.

6 Movies From 1996 That Should Have Gotten Sequels Instead Of Independence Day

Just because a movie's celebrating a milestone doesn't always mean it deserves a follow up. In fact, when combing over the box office results of 1996, we found six movies we wish were getting a Part Two instead of Resurgence.

Why The Independence Day Interactive Game Is Making People Angry

"The like to get the landmarks," Jeff Goldblum warns as the aliens from Independence Day: Resurgence descend on our planet, targeting the monuments in our greatest cities. So from a certain perspective, it makes sense that a game designed to market the global-disaster pic would allow people to do just that. Only, the gimmick is being described as insensitive, because of the imagery it allows users to recreate.

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Independence Day: Resurgence Video Explains Crazy Dr. Okun's Return

Despite Dr. Brackish Okun being seen in Independence Day: Resurgence previews and clips, there was no explanation provided about his survival, but a new viral video finally confirms how he's back.

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New Independence Day: Resurgence Video Explores A Devastated Las Vegas

Las Vegas was basically wiped off the map in Independence Day, but that didn't destroy the city's spirit. 20 years later, it has been reborn in a special way, and you can check out what it has to offer before the events of Independence Day: Resurgence.

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6 Independence Day Questions Resurgence Needs To Answer

When moviegoers sit in their seats to watch Independence Day: Resurgence, ideally all of the questions on this list will be answered for them during the story, concerning both the first movie and certain events in the yet-to-be-seen sequel.

New Independence Day: Resurgence TV Spot Reveals The Biggest Alien Yet

The latest Independence Day: Resurgence preview shows that not all of the aliens are human-sized. At least one comes in an even bigger package.

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The Original Plot Of Independence Day 2 Sounds Totally Different And Strange

As it turns out, the original pitch for an Independence Day sequel was apparently nothing like the film we will be getting this coming summer.

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Independence Day: See The Cast Then And Now

It has been nearly two decades since Independence Day was released on the summer movie public. It was the movie that turned writer/director Roland Emmerich into the big budget spectacle filmmaker that we know him as today. On the eve of the sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence, it's an appropriate time to take a look back at the people who made up the cast of the original film.

Two Jeff Goldblums Are Better Than One In Fun New Independence Day 2 Video

What's better than one Jeff Goldblum in a movie or elsewhere? Duh, two Jeff Goldblums, both of whom you can see together in a new Independence Day: Resurgence promo video.

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Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer Is Epic, Thrilling And Awesome, Watch It Now

The aliens are back… and they looked super pissed. Twenty years after the citizens of Earth foiled the plans of an invading extraterrestrial force, a new battalion of conquering beings are coming back for revenge in Independence Day: Resurgence.

When Independence Day 2 Will Actually Release Footage

Roland Emmerich recently announced the end of filming on his long-planned Independence Day 2, subtitled Resurgence. So, when will fans get to see the first footage of this highly anticipated film?

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First Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer Could Hit Theaters On Independence Day

If you've been putting off going to see Terminator: Genisys, if you go see it on July 4th you'll get a special surprise, the first teaser trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence.

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Why Will Smith Isn't In Independence Day: Resurgence

The way that the director recounted, Smith initially was very excited about returning to Independence Day, where he’d once again play courageous fighter pilot Captain Steven Hiller. Young Jessie Usher was cast as Hiller’s child, Dylan. Vivica A. Fox even agreed to return as former-stripper Jasmine. The family unit was basically intact for Independence Day: Resurgence. What happened?

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Independence Day 2 Title And Plot Details Announced

With a little more than a year to go until Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day sequel reaches theaters, Fox invited a handful of journalists into the deserts of New Mexico to learn in-depth details about the latest extraterrestrial threat to our evolving planet. Here's what we learned.

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Independence Day 2 Is Planning Something Big For Monday Night

On Monday night, live from New Mexico, Independence Day director Roland Emmerich and the cast of his wildly anticipated sequel will be holding a press conference where they are expected to reveal details about next summer’s blockbuster… even dropping the title of the ID4 follow up (if rumors are to be believed).

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Independence Day 2 Promotional Art, Plot Promises Global Extinction

The first promo art and synopsis for Roland Emmerich's Independence Day 2 ups the alien invasion ante in a huge way.

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Independence Day 2 Is Adding More Movies And Key Cast Members

As more news begins to come out about Independence Day 2, we begin to get a clearer picture of just how much more is really going on here, including another awesome new cast member.

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Jeff Goldblum's Independence Day 2 Selfie Has A Disturbing Lack Of Aliens

You can’t have an Independence Day sequel without Jeff Goldblum! The actor returns for the blockbuster, along with some of his fellow ID2 co-stars, and he looks pretty happy to be back by the look of the latest set selfie. Although, we were kinda hoping to see some aliens.

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